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Friday, January 2, 2009

Anyone for bedtime stories?

Well, today i went to watch Bedtime stories with my relatives at Leisure Mall, again.
My comments on this movie was awesome!
I can tell everyone will loveeeeeee it!
Its hilarious and interesting movie.Still, its a comedy fantasy movie.lols.
Its more to, from fantasy to reality.
Unfortunately, the period of time is only 1 hour 39 mins !
There's many parts of the movie i loved ,
when Adam Sandler as Skeeter Bronson says,
"Am i going to have Red Cherry Ferrari.....for freeeeeeeee?"
and also the Sir Buttkiss and Fix-A-Lot !
His friend, Mickey says,"i have panic sleeping disorder."
And yes, he yells during he's sleeping.XD
There's a lot of scene that you will burst laughing, you just have to watch it.=)
Anyways, I love Bugsy, the big boogie eyes guinea pig.
Its sooooooo adorable! It rings the bell when its going to sleep.
But his eyes look so fake.

It hears human languange and loves hamburger!
This movie (the picture above), i soooo wanted to watch!
Its released already this christmas in cinemas at America.
Does they have in Malaysia?
I have check in all the cinemas, it doesnt exsit!
so sad.=(
Anyways, this movie is according from a novel.
Though i havent read yet, but im going to buy one!
By the way, that dog looks sooooo cute!
Its more refers to Quil (if u have seen that touching movie, yes, i cried too.)
Hence, does this mean i have to wait for DVD to watch?

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