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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter going to end ?

As anyone who is chinese, either who knew about chinese cultural better, you will know what is this picture above.( not belong to me)
Yes, its (Tang Yuan)
Yummy yummy!
For the original or tradititonal way, usually there nothing filled with it, so its empty.
Yeah. i just made those with my family members.
Having a crafty time! lols.
We make two ways ,
the traditional way and the modern way.
Modern way means you can filled anything inside it.
Example such as red bean paste, sesame paste and chopped peaunts and sugar (thats what we filled in)
Amazingly, my brother has just found out an unexpected idea.
Tang Yuan filled with chocolate.
He said more like western desert.
Sounds weird huh?
But still, we try it.We still dont know how will look like after boil it.
Is it going to be delicious? or vice versa?
I will found out later on wait till 12 midnight.
Cause tomorrow is Yuan xiao or guo dong , literally means 'first evening' or 'during/leaving winter'.
So, happy eating! yum!
Tomorrow having a reunion dinner with relatives as well.=D

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