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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who's this?

Can you guess who's this cute little mushroom head blondie?
Well, He's the son of a vintage car dealer. And five years ago he was still a schoolboy taking bit-part roles with his local amateur dramatics society.
Shockingly, its Rob!
Awwww,isnt he adorable?
Still cute in his little age, still gorgeous in his age now.=D
So, is cute to handsome!
Well,this picture taken while he was at prep school.
Thanks to Barnes Theater Club, he wouldnt be till this stage on success.He pays tribute to his local drama group.
and yes,he did say :'I owe everything to the Barnes Theatre Club.'
'It's all a bit of a surprise, the acting and fame,' he said. 'I never did acting in school. My dad was in a restaurant and saw a bunch of pretty girls and decided to go up and ask where they had been. They said they went to this drama club, so he said we'd better go down too! It's the only time he's done something like that.
'We went down there and I began to work backstage. Then one day I was the only one left to play a leading role. That was the first acting I'd done and yet somehow I got an agent.'
He grew up in Barnes in South-West London and attended nearby private school Tower House. Staff who knew him remember a popular child who had 'something special'.
He left at 13 to attend £13,500-a-year Harrodian School, in Richmond, South-West London.
His father told him he would not fund his A-level studies, saying he should pay his way through his acting.
He earned enough as a model in campaigns for clothing company Hackett to pay for his education.
He eventually left with three A-levels and had already set his heart on a career as an actor.
Although he has already earned around £6million, the young actor only moved out of his parents' £1million, three-storey Victorian semi a few months ago. He is living for the time being in Los Angeles.

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