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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snatch theif.

SO,today i was going to market in Yulek nearby Cheras Pantai hospital with my mum and all of the sudden in fornt of my eyes there's a lady about in her 40's or 50's with her handbag got snatched by the stupid snatch theif.(wearing red T-shirt and also red helmet and is a Malay either Indonesian)
she screamed in terror and there's a man wanted to kick his stupid motorbike but it failed that theif still can balance himself with the bike.Looks like his had experience with snatching handbags.oh,by the way, all her gorceries fell from her hand and scattered all over on the road.
After that,she just froze like statue and got panic and dont know what to do.(if you stayed nearby there you should know about it because auntie in the market are liked CNN reporters.lols)
it was kind of experience that i should beware of my handbag everytime i go.and yeah, after saw that incident,my heartbeat was beating so fast.
Didnt manage to take that picture or video of that incident.
So for you guys out there beware of snatch theifs especially girls or ladies, it can happen anytime.or you never knew that was a snatch theif either.dont ever hanged on your bag facing the road,otherwise easily got snatched.

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