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Friday, December 19, 2008

Plans for 2009?

For the starter.....
usually,we prepare some stuff before chinese new year.
like, buy new clothes,curtains,food?,and etc..whatever you can think of.
For the coming day, i'm planning for redecorate my room for the coming chinese new year.
actually it was no idea thinking of that, but my aunt told me.
Since i not planning anywhere for going to overseas, like last year,
i went to Beijing.where my aunt stay with her son there for a few years for her work.
Before that i was just worried of wasting money, but my aunt want to pay the whole thing for the redecorate .
Cause my room was like those cupboards and table were like 10 years ago.yeah, maybe look old.
so i need to find some information or inspiration of making my room a better place.
There's one of the samples, i found it on Flicker, very fascinating .
Looks kind of vintage style.
Well, that wallpaper was very attractive to me.
The lamp hanging beside the bed look nice too.
For the nearer view,you can see the wallpapers closer.
is it adorable?
there's little house, horses, round-shaped trees,flowers,rainbows and more that you can see.

But in the other interest, i like those walls with a lots of pictures or photos.
Like these photos below.
I dont know why, but i like this and looks vintage to me.=)
Not those photos that now everyone is using,
something like old photos like our grandma has.
Looks like black and white photo.
But the other than that,i love Polaraid cameras.
i was looking this kind of camera but hardly to find.
But maybe this cameras are maybe very costy this days.

If i paste this photos or pictures all over the wall,
i think my grandma will be scolding me by now.
she will say "very dirty!"
For me is a kind of a art.
dont you think?
Another photo below.
ignore the model.
Just the wallpapers.
Before that, i was thinking of lolita kind of style.
But need a lots of lacy, lacey and more lace.
like victorian living.
Gohtic? Too SCARY.
It must have skeletons and skulls at the room, looks like a halloween.
To end my post of today,
i'm just sharing my thoughts.
More post to come?

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