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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Journey to the east??

As i said yesterday,i was going to Pulau Ketam.
For now i just briefly making a short post.
Cause i waiting my friend,Kyan to upload his camera pictures. to start my post?
Well, i say today's trip was OKAY.
I have went there before about 3 or 4 times.
So i know how's the place might gonna be.

Pulau Ketam jeti.
A lots of crabs and mudskippers on the mud.

On the way going back.
Lots of pokok paya there.
Lots of malay fishermen catching fish!

Isnt she adorable?
Though i dunno who she is but she's friendly.=)
She's afraid of huge waves.

I think she's tired now.lols.
That guy on the picture is Kyan.haha.
Anyway,I have a very bad hair day.Blame the winds.
Stay tuned for more.=DD

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