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Monday, December 29, 2008

Journey to the east?, part 1.

Back to the Pulau Ketam trip.
Before that, all these photos have been uploaded,disarranged.
I'm just following what Kyan have send to me yesterday.
Anyway,credits to him.=D
According to my computer files.
Dont worry i will tell you when this happened.
However,some photos dont need caption because there's nothing to be explain.
okay, here we go.

Little wooden alley.
At Pulau Ketam.

We ate fried ice-cream.
i ate yam flavor.delicious!
Maybe you have eaten it before at night market.
Burns in your lips, melts in your mouth.=p
But i didnt manage to finish my ice-cream, so i left kyan eat.=)
*kyan belanja saya and helping me finished it. thanks ya! ;p

On our way back, the kapten ship allowed us to take photo at this spot.
I took this picture.=)
Kyan,Daniel and Boon Teng.
Funniest photo ever.
Since they are good at acting, maybe they should be auditioned at acting.=)

Have you spotted baby mudskipper?
Ugh, i hate them.disgusting!

LOL.he took this toliet.
its kind of lame, for me.

I just realise my mum been taken in this camera.
i was burst laughing.XD
Good picture,mum.=)

Boon Teng took it.
i know, we are sooooo retarted.=x
Anyway, he acting cool.blek! ;p
The vegetarian chicken rice.
Surpose to be delicious, it turns out the chicken turns sour!
(the white "fake" meat.)
ugh,i throw it away.felt like vomiting.=s
Dont miss me!
i know im lame.=p

My friend been snapped.
she cover her face being avoided by her embrassment.
funny, though.

The lala's.
Still alive though.
And dirty too!
The last photo,
when we reached at the port,going to Pulau Ketam.
From top: Daniel and Kyan.
Below: Boon Teng, our 老师 and lastly, the most shortest one,me.....
The end of my post for today.
good night.muacks!

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