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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The horror begins soon.

Thats right.
Back to school.
Some people is anxious either excited of going to school.
For me,im kind of no mood to go to school.
that's my opinion.
There's a lots of reasons.
1.Wake up early at 5am. (Having a hard time dragging myself off the bed.)
2.Study.(actually that's not a problem)
3.No relaxation (for me : study,revision, tuitioning!)
4.SPM !!!!!!!
50% of possibility that im unable to touch the computer unless projects. (NO BLOGGING?!)
100% of not allowed to go out with my buddies.=( [worse case senario!]
Blame Spm!!!! *sighs*
Must enjoy this year until next year reaches!
The time is ticking,hurry! lols.
i know im lame.=p
Despite on that, im needed to be more serious towards my studies.
i'm trying! BUT,
For now,relax year lah! =x
1 week left!!!!!
Anyways, school reopens at 5th January, right?

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