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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The day when we need to eat it.

The tang yuan festival.=D
Where need to eat it every year.there's a believe , if you ate tang yuan ,will become one year older?
is it true? Nah, just a supersittion.i think.
Oh ya, yesterday i ate that tang yuan filled with chocolate.
It turns out........ugh.........i dont what to say....
its kinda disgusting.
Cause of the milk.By the way, my brother added was not just a chocolate BUT with milk.
I just realize that.For ratings, i give 2/10
nobody likes it.
He did say something "okay lah, better than nothing lah."
Lols,excuse me?
Is that okay? i say its the worst food i ever ate!
Luckily my cousin didnt eat it.Better not, Sue ee.=p
Anyway, just got Haagen-Dazs ice-cream vouchers !!!!
Indulge the world's delicious , expensive and favourite ice-creams.
My most favourite ice-cream since i was 5 years old was the sweet, summer strawberries.
Yummy!!! Irresistible!!
Oh! i almost forgot! I wanna try Twilight ice-cream! only at Haagen Dazs.=D
Devour it! So....
When am i going to Haagen-Dazs shops? tomorrow? the other days?
p/s: going out tomorrow with my friends.♥=)

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  1. i ate tang yuan for 2 days,den i give up
    it taste {EWWW}cuz i ate it 2 days in a row ehhehe



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