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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is the best occasion in this season!

Sure it is.
Christmas is time of giving and receiving too!
Unfortunately, my brother have "rechange" those sentence above to.....
"Christmas is time of stealing and snatching."lols
Means stealing and snatching gifts from other people,looks like the monster/disaster of christmas.
What an evil brother i have. ;p
The first thought of christmas to me is presents,presents,presents!!
I think you think that too.
Anyways, today is Christmas Eve.
Should be busy preparing stuff for tomorrow.For those who are christian or who loves christmas.
(doesnt mean non-christmas cant celebrate,right?)
My family is not that really interested in Christmas ,
they just felt like this day is only for christians and caucasians people to celebrate.
But i think its fun to enjoy during christmas,something different from other days.
Any plans are special for you during this christmas?
My plans for tomorrow Christmas, is going to Pulau Ketam with my mum's buddhist group including some of my friends.
Later, going to my uncle's christmas party.=)
I had already wrapped some Christmas gifts for my uncle's kids.
Hey, Sue ee, You want too? ;p
Felt like exchanging gifts with my friends.
By the way, i have some picture to show you.
Picture are below and those are not mine!
Christmas trees in shopping complex is everywhere as you go!
Actually, this is my first time i celebrate Christmas in Malaysia cause i always celebrate Christmas in overseas.
So, its kind of different experiences for me to celebrate from overseas and local.
For the truth, i love to celebrate christmas in overseas.
Its fun while snowing.=)
Huge Christmas tree with hanging showflakes at Berjaya Times Square.
The ornaments are pretty ecspecially the candy sticks!!

Another picture at Pavilion.
White Christmas tree!
There's a ceremony when the choir sing inside the christmas tree.
More looks like a singing christmas tree.=)
however, it changes colour!
unique and beautiful-nya!
Dont you think? =D
Before i end my posts,
Would like wish all of you,
Merry Christmas,everyone!
P/s: Lets sing Christmas songs!
♪"we wish you a merry christmas! we wish..........."♪

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