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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today i went out with Jia ying and Kah weng to Leisure Mall
while Jia wei and her bf and her bf's bro went somewhere on their own.
i went after my guitar class.
then we met up and went to popular to buy some stuff and
at last i brought Twilight novel!
zhi yuen,i can borrow you anytime.=)
one that time ,i found this:

Yes,Twilight chinese version.haha.
those who not interested in english novel,can try to read chinese Twilight version.
go buy! is in stores now.=)
this picture taken by Kah weng,credits to him.hehe.
by the way,he cant resist and stand and getting retarted on me with Twilight,twilight stuff.
in the end he say...."a bit la"....lols.XD

Later on we watched Madagasar 2,escape Africa.
it hilarious and worth to watch although is suitable for kids to watch.=p
i like the part that is when the animals going back to New York,
the penguins repair the whole aeroplane.lols
and also the grandma part.haha
laugh till you drop.=p
i like to move it,move it,i like to.....MOVE IT!
after that we went to Wong kok "yam cha",
not long then, window shopping.....bla bla bla...
then all balik rumah.=)
just a short outing.hehe.
the end.


p/s=Twilight movie is offically release! wee~ [Malaysians need to hold on another week.=( ]

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