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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight in theaters now ! =D

Twilight,Twilight and thats what im talking about.=]
Twilight is totally,officially released in Malaysia!!!
and so i went to watch with my friend,Pei Hua
at Leisure Mall as usual.
i booked the tickets in the website,this morning about 8 am.hoho
i did booked the tickets and i realised that that movie is PG 18!!
so i getting worried about it.but i turns out fine.=) *so relieved*
so i watched the movie, the first question that everyone seems to ask interiguedy,
"was it as good as books?"
i would say "no".
Because it cant put the whole part in the book with 500 pages by watching it in two hours.rite?
it sounds like harry potter's.
they just put the major and important scenes in the movie.
but i would say that for those people who didnt read or doesnt knew that this book exist, i would say this movie is fasninating and worth-watching this motion picture,they will love it.
and yeah,they are some parts are funny too.=D
there's alot people in the cinema knew whats going to happen soon in this movie.there's lot of laugh, squeal, giggle, and swoon in the theater~
what so shocking and impossible is that i saw STEPHENIE MEYER,HERSELF IN THE MOVIE!!!
not just me,other people in the cinema felt that too.=D
the dissapointed part,where Edward kisses Bella, has been CUT!! =(
that's the best part! who cares? people need to watch that part!
Most background songs in the movie,i heard it before.fabulous!=D
By the ways, Edward Cullen shines and Bella says in her shocking eyes "you're beautiful." LOL!
My ticket for the movie.=)

The day before Twilight movie release,i found this big article at Sin Chew Daliy.
(apologized for the blur picture.)

I JUST got the news that the Summit Entertainment ( the company studio that supports the movie)
announced that the studio is officially moving forward with the production of NEW MOON!(already told on 22 November that i didnt knew.=.=")
the second installment of its filmed franchise TWILIGHT, the action-packed, modern day vampire love story.
Hooray!!! another movie that cant be missed again! XD
Once more,
For those of my friends or anybody,i should recommand you to watch Twilight! Hurry! =p

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