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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


yeah! woo-hoo!
2 days till OFFICIAL Twilight MOVIE!!
Malaysia will be on cinemas on 27 November!
so this means we still have 8 days!!!
now im waiting impatiently!!!!! XD
By the way,
This year's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine,
For The 25 Entertainers of the Year, and...
Stephenie Meyer got top 5!!! Congrats!
but i suggest she should have be in the first.
and Robert Downey Jr.( the one who plays Ironman)
and clamied as No.1: inside the greatest comeback in years.
lols...i didnt even watched this movie and he clamied as the best entertainment of the year....
is this movie so good? watever.
surprisely,WALL-E got 14th place on the 25 entertainers of the year.
wow,maybe it touched so many people in the last part of the movie.
and yeah,im touched too.=)
p/s:love Jacob's quote= Life sucks, and then you die.=x

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