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Friday, October 17, 2008

Twilight covers from around the world.

Just wanna share some stuff for you.
These are the only ones I've been able to find, which were on Stephenie Meyer's website and Amazon.
but among these books.i prefer the original one.
so,enjoy again.=)

United States of America
This is the cover I first saw, so to me it is "the cover." The cover was actually what drew me to the book. I'd never heard of Twilight or Stephenie Meyer, so I did not pick it up immediately, but I found nothing new. So, I did pick it up after actually saying aloud "Ok, I'm getting you, even if you suck." How wrong I was. But, this cover to me brings a certain element, since it is sort of mysterious, and there are hidden meanings in it with the forbidden fruit.

They are much like the original American covers, however they feature a different font which gives somewhat of a different air to it over all. I don't dislike this new font, but I'm not in love with it either.
The Chinese cover is quite nice. I don't really like Bella (her hair is a bit more than weird), but I do like how Edward turned out. I know that its a cliché as well for the bat wings on the character, but it makes it look really really cute! The title is "Vampire Darling"

Czech Republic
The forest theme as on the Danish cover is evident and also with the "eyes over the forest." They are alike, but I do think I like this one better than the Danish cover. Stmívání means "Darkfall" or "Darkening" in Czech.

This cover is ok. I'm just not a huge fan of the artwork, but it is a good interpretation. It has the "eyes over the forest" thing Meyer did with her own covers, but I just don't like some of the work they did. Not as big of a statement to me as the US cover, or as mysterious with underlying meanings. Tusmørke means "Twilight" in Danish.

The same cover art as the US cover, but the title is in red. It is called "Houkutus," which means "Temptation" in English. The hands are a little paler than on the US cover, but it is just about the same.

The same cover art as the US cover, but without "Twilight" written on it. Instead, it is called "Fascination," which amazingly enough means "Fascination" in English. Who would have thought?

There are also some interesting things with the actual title itself. "Bis zum Morgengrauen" means "Up to the morning-grey" literally or "Until Dawn", but "Biss zum Morgengrauen" means "Bite to the morning-grey" literally or "Bite at Dawn." It is so interesting because the second s in Biss is in a different color. The color there acutally almost blends in, as if at first glance it is "up", but has the ability to be "bite."

Well,as i told before.i might as well repeat again.=)
The book was separated into different parts in Japan, a different approach. Each part has its own different title, but all go under Twilight. The artwork captures in a more anime-style what I imagined Bella and Edward looking like, but definitely are close to what I think of them looking like. The different titles are "The Boy Whom I Love is a Vampire," "Blood Tastes Sadness," and "The Vampire Family in the Darkness" respectfully.

Love this cover, a lot! Great new idea and the splashes of color are so refreshing. Yes, it is true that Bella has brown hair, not blonde, but understand that brown hair would not nearly have popped against the cover than blonde and I'd rather her have a realistic hair color rather than neon green or something.

[actually there another part i want to upload,but i didnt.i accidentally delete it.=p]
btw the another part was Bella.=)
The book was separated into 2 parts in Korea, like the Japanese translation. The artwork is quite good, though I do like Bella better than Edward who looks a little green instead of white. I also like the use of red on the cover which ties it together with a nice theme and also is a throw back to the U.S. covers which feature a black background and something red against it on the cover. In terms of the title, I'll simply quote the email - "'트와일라잇' is the most close Korean pronounciation to Twilight, though '트와일라잇' is pronounced as 'tu(트) wa(와) ill(일) la(라) it(잇)'. There is a Korean word for twilight, though, I wonder why people didn't use it. The little words under the title are '황금빛 눈동자'. It means 'golden eyes'."
I absolutely love this cover. I just think it is adorable with the little candy hearts. It is also so refreshing because it is so light while most of the others are dark and much more typical gothic-looking. "Evighetens Kyss" means "Kiss of Eternity" in Norwegian.
I don't remember Bella having blue eyes.But it does have that original idea Mrs. Meyer had with the eyes out of the woods. "Сумерки" is Russian for twilight
Much like the original US cover, however, the apple is redder and the arms paler. Crepúsculo does indeed mean "Twilight" in Spanish. The line underneath the title says "A Dangerous Love" in English.
I absolutely love this cover. The protrayal of Bella seems so right on, and the gradient effect is quite pretty. I think they did a wonderful job with this one. It just seems so pretty and ethereal and it still feels grounded, like the book itself.
The Swedish cover uses the original US cover art. But again, it is instead the title that puts an interesting twist on it. The title means "If I could dream" in Swedish, an interesting thought since dreams are referenced several times throughout Twilight. The subtitle is "An impossible love story" in Swedish.
The Netherlands
It uses pretty much the same image as the US and French editions, but with the heart-shaped bite out of the apple, it is almost as if the forbidden fruit has been spoiled or been "bitten." "Een Levensgevaarlijke Liefde" means "A Perilous Love", which I think is very fitting for Twilight.
For some reason, I am seeing The Wizard of Oz in this cover. Or maybe it's just me. (I think she kind of looks like Dorothy, especially with her feet the way they are) Kind of a weird looking cover, more like what I'd expect to see in school's library for old books from the '70s. So, no, this isn't exactly the best cover I've seen. "Alacakaranlik" means "Twilight" in Turkish.
United Kingdom
It looks too futuristic and whimsical . So sort of, enhanced by graphic programs. AND YES, I have been told several times that this is an older cover and that the subsequent editions have had the same cover as the US one. However, this was the cover for the first edition way way way back in 2005.

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