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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Port Dickson.★

Im back~
Back to school again...
oh ya~
i spend my hari raya holidays to Port Dickson.
For me there were very quiet.there were nothing.
is suitable only for people who love quiet and calm like my mum.
go there read her book only.LOL
when we reach there,firstly, check -in at Regency,tanjung tuan resort.
then put those bags to the room.
And went to beach~~~
my hotel room face to the beach.
only me and my brother went down to the beach~
1st thing,i saw a lot taiwan people swimming and playing volley ball.
got some hot guys la~hehe
But i dont care i just wrote something on the sands.
Yup, i was here.=)
Later i take a walk along the beach.I saw lot of holes.
then,my bro ask me:what is these?
me:erm...crab holes that they stay in?
bro: and those round stuff?
me:how i knw? crab shit gua.
bro:ya meh? where got la. lol.
my bro so itchy leg want to step on cruel.

later, i walk further...hey, dead crab.

R.I.P( rest in peace,crabby)
the scenery is not that bad la.nice evening.=)

I saw this little island when i saw on the way to the hotel.alot of trees. you can walk though there on the afternoon.
so...i went back to my room.i when to balcony and view the sea.then,i look down.
i saw the F-
i was like OMG!! who did this? very yeng~!
the nearer view.

well, dont care la.
i look more further, i saw 2 banglos
i wish i can stay there to can go to the beach anytime i want.
so,i went there swim most of the time.
i stayed at there about 3 days 2 nights.
quite fun least can swim lo.
and im got sun burn.~
my skin so dark jor become indian.T~T
so thats all.
and also, i brought new moon!!!
yay! so excited~><"
Exam coming soon.
good luck.=)

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