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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Deepavali~!

hey guys,i went to Cameron Highlands on 1st day of Deepavali...
set our journey about 10 am...
while on the way,i was reading BREAKING DAWN!! XD
jx finished Eclipse before the next until midnight le!
haha...i was reading, then i take the pic on it.=p
Then we went to find a better strawberry farm,cuz there's alots of strawberry farms!
they are everywhere!!
went to buy homemade starwberry ice-cream although it cold..whoosh~
Later when to a buddhist temple near by.
i heard from my mum that there's a famous monk at that temple.
he's mircale! People treat him as god coz he cure ppl without medicine!
its unbelieveable!
its on the chinese newspaper last year.
i know you wont believe me..too bad he just passed away recently.=(
yeah,that the temple,Big temple!
Btw my brother looks funny in his retared way.=p

there's another retared face on him.=D


My brother looks like he's getting a hard way to SMILE.=D dad accidentaly took my pic and my maid pose with peace! haha.

took it from a little cute building.
Damn! i should take that pic!
oh well,thats too bad.=(
Me and my mum making a piggy face! ^3^

Purple flower!=D
its that lavendar? i dont think so...

Pink hibiscus!=)
Later on we went to Smoke's house.
people are strictly not allowed to go in the house unless you stay there overnight.
But we dint stay at there because of Me!
my exam loh....aiks.
but the price at there also not affordtable.Expensive!
it costs about RM300 plus+
But i love that house.i mean that hostel.haha
its kind of like Victorian and western style.
i kind of like can have a tea on outside of the garden and there's fountain too.=)
the old London telephone booth.
can be used too.=)
but it doesnt seem that people didnt use it for a very long time.
but there's alot of trash in there and the wood at the bottom is broken.
it needs a repair.
me and my mum.=)

and i have no idea what it is....
it look like those used by prisoners a century ago.

After taking a cup of coffee and Starbucks.=)
i drank Frappacino(spelling is it correct?) chocolate cream.=D

Boh's tea field.=)
didint manage to drink a cup of tea,
coz the workers is off on Deepavali holiday.=(
Wish the indians,
especially schoolmates,
Happy Deepavali !!!!

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