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Thursday, September 25, 2008

twilight in manga?

twilight very very nice!!!
goin to read the next book.XD
title new moon.
some of my frens say its kind of boring.
maybe its talk more about Jacob Black.(ew,the long hair guy!)
waiting for michelle to finish it 1st.
i borrowed from jo-yee.=D

Second book.

Third book.

Last book~!
hey, what have i found.
you cant believe it.
twilight in manga.LOL.
it only have in japan.
Edward Cullen was sooooooo hot!!!!!XD
Bella quite pretty though.=)
i so want to buy those comics~~~
this was 1st episode.
for a week holiday,im goin to Port Dickson....
ugh, boring.
and the beach was so dirty..
but better than nth lo..I hope its fun.=)
want go out with my friends also cant..
lai leng and boee go to work.
hui sien go to Bangkok.
Mandy? I dont knw.maybe go out with her love one.
So,for those malays out there.
Selamat hari raya.=)
Maaf Zatin dan Batin.
Mana duit raya? =p
and for none-malays,
Happy Holidays~♥
Hope you have a nice holiday.=D

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  1. heya!
    I randomly searching for Twilight manga version (although they said it's just illustration...), then I came across your blog.
    I just wanna ask if you know (by any chance) where to buy/find the manga?
    I'm so's hard to find anywhere!
    And I live in Ipoh where books are limited...
    Btw...nice to know you... \(*o*)/



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