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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

which one who you prefer?

I thought of this idea...jx nw since the blog hasnt been blogged about 1 month.
so vote for the best you can.haha
these three kids are my cute little cousins.

he is yong jing..
aged:3 or 4 yrs.
he's my cousin from my mother's side.
he's naughty and playful.
this is jonathan ng.
he's mixed chinese and british.(he's a malaysian)
cute,cubby and fat.
he's 8 yrs old. now he's staying at beijing.
1 thing: he very manja and hate girls pinching his cubby cheeks.
btw he's my cousin frm my father's side.

Last but not least.
this i have introduce before.
so i do it again.
name:jorn xi
aged:3 yrs old almost 4.
he's also my cousin frm my father side.
chinese horoscope:monkey ( like me.XD)
active,always busy body,talkative,playful.
this pic i jx took it wif him few days ago when he came to my house.

for votes,pls vote at the chat box.
and also some comments about them.

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