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Thursday, August 7, 2008

1 day work at zoo.(4.8.2008)

Yeah.going to the zoo~!
Looks like goin back to standard 1 and visit the zoo.
actually is not.we have to work!!
its was quite fun.but tiring.
this work thing is for my moral project.
i group wit my frens and classmates.
they are:
and lastly me~
thre's another 1.but she went another group.
its was jo-yee.=)
Firstly,actually going to clean the monkey cage(yucks!),it dint.tat was lucky then the insructor say go clean the bears.but in the end sweep the place at kancil section.=.="
we have to clean the WHOLE place even the kolam.yuck! and its wet and muddy!
Break time was abot 1o.1o but we were trapped! and insructor supposed to open the gate.waited 4 so,we ask 4 help from the 'kakak' (the sweeper).
Makan! no KFC or Marybrown.=.="
but got THE zoo negara fast food.
Later that, go see other animals,take photos.
Here have some snapshots that i have took.
btw thre's alot of them but these is the quarter of them only.
apologize,if the pic is not clear.
See you later. tatas.
Taken at the staff entrance.

me and erien.

me and boee.

me and jo-yee.=) (1st time)

Im the zoo volunteer!XD
pls ignore my mushroom hair.=(
Taken inside the zoo.
With erien while walking...

and on the-so-called-train.

p/s: forgot wrote something.
after finish our work,we have to record our names.
while then,thre's a baby fox(SO CUTE!!!)
the baby fox owner:indian man frm one of the zoo staff.
btw she likes Michelle.keep licking her.maybe help clean her smelly body.xp

Isnt cute!?XD
Continue the photos.
now its the animals turn.
pose and smile!=)

Marry had a little black lamb?

this is how the 'kambing' eat.
The thousand year old turtle.(in chinese)
changing its plastic.
the green snake.yuck!
another pony is sratching his head by using the tree.=p
Pony! my cousin will sream!=.="
Looks like piranha.but is not.
Mini orange crab.


The Frozen fish.doesnt move.jx stay same position quite a while.

Largest and laziest fish ever seen.sleeping tat thre.
Famlingo on the trees.

Fat hippo.haha.all lot of fats.xp

Kancil~=) tat was whre i hav to clean the place.

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