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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

thre's nothing 2 say unless thre's special ocassion....
yesterday i heard my classmates that someone is PREGANT!!!
quite shocked!! in my class le.....
so i ask hafizah...rupa-rupanya is one of our malay classmates...
i cant tell you the name may merosakan her image...sry ya...
more info,she alredy marrried like few months ago...waiting the baby 2 be born...2 months on her tummy....btw she pindah school....
i wish her and her husband happy forever^^ and born a cute baby.
on the other hand, my dad juz came back from london...i feel excited but felt abit nervous...
dunno why...after i step on the entrance of my hse from school...i can hear my dad's voice talking wif my mum...i was like OMG!! haha...he is really back!!
the i went in and 1 thing my father told me....UR RETARED~ LOL....
coz i was sleeping on the car on way hair was like damn messy and my mouth open while he told me tat word....yeah, i think i am retared...haha
msg for piggy[teko]:
vry vry vry vry vry soooooooooooooo sorry that my phone is out of credit
and canot reply ur msg...i will sms you back as fast as i reload...o~
sry ya~^^ muacks muacks~~
thats all

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