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Friday, July 11, 2008

French Art of Hair.

long time no blog~
yesterday, went to KL convention centre for loreal colour thophy dinner.
This year's title for loreal:French Art Of Hair.
ppl who are goin: me,my cousin bro,my aunt and my mum.
make up(Arrrrgggghhh! i got a pimple!!!).dress then off i go~
reached there abot 7pm.
register at counter.wait for the hall to opened.
at thre serve champange XD nice!!
i saw a lot of amber chia (international model).
magazine editors,angel (host of that night)
not only that la.most of it are local
a lot of famous hairstylist.most of them their hair are weird.(truth)
the door opened,everyone went in.find my seat.
then the show started wif speech.then contestants models appear wit their hairstylist.this year's trend is bob or short hair.
later,the dinner is served.i was thinking of french food but is chinese food.=.=
eat quite full ahh....still gt lots lots of food havnt been served.....haiz...
then,catwalk on the stage begins.1 thing i can say,weird and scary hair~
all those hair are big and bulky.all fake hair.
while watching the catwalk on the stage,my my high heel shoe the string patah jor~
OMG~! wat am i goin 2 do???
i told my mum and she do my aunt.haiz....then cousin bro blur jor~
keep asking wat happen.haha.
luckily i gt a ribbon on my hand and tired through my shoe.but it still doesnt work.....
so i dun care the end of the show.i barefoot.haha.but no one cares not even a
goin back home at 12pm.
havnt even finish my homework~! XO
goin to be kill by hammiy!!
sooooo damn lucky,she say "nanti u hantar buku selepas rehat la".fuhh~
photos?? at my mum's digital camera.cant find the cable.i will upload ASAP~
thats tout je peux dire~ (thats all i can say)
au revoir ~~tatas

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