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Saturday, June 21, 2008

report day!!!!

the scary moment tat I dun wish 2 be happen~~~
when arrive at skul saw poh yee and poh ling but dint c hui sien and lai leng~
they come wif their mum' and poh yee~
then go 2 poh yee class send songs....wakaka...luckily no 1 c~
then go 2 class...all of a sudden, thre comes bm teacher,hamimy.....
teach us on REPORT CARD DAY!!!!!
wth!!!! give another hw, essay!!! fri giv soo many still wan give...haiz....
then rehat....dint makan..onli eat pudding...haha..nice orhx~
then go teman poh yee to c her sis...then i saw jia wei and amanda...hahax.
amanda suddenly hug me orhx~♥....hahax...then take pic wif jia wei and amanda..hehe^^
1st time take wif then orhx~ those pic are on my fs go check it out!
[[yao bang gor....dint see you orhx....wakaka^^..]]
then go back class my mum havnt come yet...go back downstairs~ chat wif jia wei...hehe^^
then i go back after few mum reach jor(the 2nd parent at my class)...talking wif teacher jor!
i hurry masuk class....teacher say "wan xuan nie, maths exam byk careless mistakes,sebenarnya dia boleh buat~" my mum like look at me....then i say" wat??"
LOL....then my mum say "yeala,selalu macam tu"
then balik jor~ then i saw my classmate gt call me and tell me tat my mum arrive jor...but i dint c...hahax~
1 last thing....soooo lucky my mum dint scold me...maybe because i gt no.10 at class gua....Damn closed to the danger side!!!
poh yee, thx 4 da photos tat u upload o~ vry lambat nw onli upload~
thats all people~
see yea~♥

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