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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i hate the teacher ahhhhhhhhhhh~~~
this new teacher jz moved 2 our skul 2day!!
and her name is hamimmy and i call her har mee(means prawn mee in chinese)
the bad luck is she teacher BM in my class!!
i heard she's en.mazlan wife! wat? reali anot o??
2day.1st time she come in our class then she started scolding....bla bla bla...for no reason!!!
and gives TONS of homework!!!! wth!!
h.s(hui sien) told me her class(4g) kena scold very very bad le!!! she even hate the teacher!!
and me too!! h.s i support eu!!
then she call the class to take out all the BM exercise books...lucky i dint kena marah~
cheng yee dint bring all her books and teacher marah le....tis teacher ah memang blind la!!! aiyoo go check ur eyes la~
btw i have to post tis coz she annoyin me if not i wont.....
tats all......bye

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